Client Profile

Brideside helps bridal parties find inspiration. Brideside has reimagined the bridesmaids dress and accessories shopping experience by creating a focused digital e-commerce experience for bridal parties.

Technology Used

  • Language : Cake PHP, Shopify, Salesforce, HTML
  • Database : MySQL 5.5
  • Scripting : Javascript, jQuery, JSON

Project Summary

Brideside originally approached us for adding the functionality of having user accounts where users could save their favorite items, track orders and interact with assigned stylists. And also have all this data synced with Salesforce CRM. The scope then expanded into us creating efficient filters for users to be able to quickly filter and discover relevant products. We then slowly moved into adding product pages, running user behavior analytics and eventually maintaining and expanding all technical aspects of the website. The scope of work for this project is continuously expanding.

Industry Specifics

The world of e-commerce has evolved into much more than simple listing of products that consumers can buy digitally. It is now very focused on design, customer experience and constant change and increased value proposition to attract consumers back to your site on regular basis.

Implementation Strategy

With Brideside we have a very broad scope of work. We started with creating a middleware that interacted between the Shopify (e-commerce platform) and Salesforce CRM. Then moving forward we created a user account section for the site where users could save their favorite items and share them with each other. Introduction of these features on the website dramatically increased the user engagement.

We then set out to create filtering system making it easier for the users to discover items in the store. While doing this we also created a way for the users to easily ‘Pin’ their favorite products to Pinterest boards.

After successfully delivering the above tasks, Brideside team engaged us to not only maintain the entire site on regular basis but also to perform small feature enhancements like quick delivery options and video playback on each page. Moving forward we will be working on lots of enhancement on the website on rolling basis.


Working on this project validated our development and service model for clients where because of our lean and flexible structure and ability to quickly adapt we are able to augment ourselves as the technical arm of Brideside team.

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