Client Profile

Indian Oil Corporation is a global fortune 500 company serving over 60 million consumers across India. Indane Gas is the brand under which Indian Oil Corporation trades LPG cylinders for domestic and commercial use. Indane is the largest packed-LPG brand in the world. Indane is often credited as bringing the ‘kitchen revolution’ in India. Indane helped people move away from cooking food over wood fire and onto using LPG cylinders making modern kitchens across India safe, reliable and convenient.

Technology Used

  • Language : CorePHP
  • Database : MySQL and MS SQL
  • Scripting : Javascript, jQuery, AJAX

Project Summary

Develop a robust solution for Indane customers to be able to order an LPG cylinder online and schedule delivery time based on availability. In addition to having the convenience of ordering LPG cylinder online, build capability for customers to be able to get a new LPG cylinder connection online. Additionally, build transparency portal for users to be able to search by Indane customer name and find out how many LPG cylinders they have received at a subsidized price in a calendar year.

Industry Specifics

LPG cylinders in India are a government subsidized commodity and hence extremely regulated. Each LPG customer is restricted to a certain number of LPG cylinders they can receive each calendar year. The distribution network for these cylinders is not owned by Indane, instead it operators its distribution via a wide spread dealer network.

Implementation Strategy

For us the implementation strategy had to start with data collection. We started with collecting data from the Indane distributor network and created a common customer database. After this central database was created, we set out to create the business process by which the orders would be received on the website and transmitted to the relevant dealer for fulfillment and then back onto the centralized system for confirmation. We then divided the interface into three parts, the first one was for the customers, second for the dealer network and third for Indane company officials. Our teams did an exceptional job with integrating with existing ERP system at Indane.

Each interface was specifically crafted for its audience and to support ease of operation with minimalistic training. A good example of this was, in our research we found that more people in India are connected to internet via a mobile device than a computer. And it quickly became a priority for us to have mobile compatible website and mobile apps for customers to be able to perform the same functions using a mobile device.

Last piece of the puzzle for this project was to create a transparency portal. Using this feature any user of the website should be able to type in the name of an Indane customer and see how many LPG cylinders they had received in a calendar year. The challenge here was to develop a robust search capability to search the entire customer database (65 million) and display the results. And we are proud to say we were able to accomplish this task and got great reviews on this feature.


This project gave us immense recognition across India and earned us praises from the common people and technology critics across the country for its ability to handle thousands of users concurrently. We are proud and humbled to have had this opportunity to prove our technical vision and implementation capabilities.

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