Our leading iOS design & development teams build full featured apps both for iPhone and iPad, we understand the value of design and intuitive user experience. We have been developing for iOS since the very early days of the SDK in 2008 and have an unparalleled understanding of all the available tools, frameworks and more.

iOS Development

The Matellio team uses technical skills and deep knowledge of software development and understanding of hardware capabilities to develop pioneering systems and applications for iOS.

Our dedicated iOS application development team understands the value of creating unique experience while maintaining the look, feel and comfort of a native application. Our talented iOS engineers have capability to create sophisticated apps across a wide range of industries from communications, to utility, productivity and much more.

What Our Team Offers…

Our dedicated design team focuses on creating unique custom iOS apps for all Apple devices including the iPhone and the iPad. From a design standpoint we understand the value of every pixel on the screen and believe in using each one of them to enhance the application experience. Our iOS team will not only help you with design, development, submission to iOS App Store and release of your iOS application but can also offer porting, efficient support and dedicated maintenance services.

Because we are a one stop IT shop we always have great usability experts, information architects and backend developers on tap to create a robust iOS application. Our iOS team passion shines through when you looks at things like, we have already developed more than a handful of apps in Apple’s new programming language called SWIFT and the fact that we are already working on a couple of Apple Watch focused applications.

Framework That We Employ

Our experts believe in utilizing the latest technology, tools and frameworks to tackle multifaceted development projects for greater and quicker ROI . Some of the frameworks we use include Cocoa / CocoaTouch, Core Location, iAds, Map Kit, Store Kit (For In-App Purchases) and lot more.

Our dedication and commitment to clients is such that we walk through all the stages of the SDLC until you are fully satisfied.

Functional Presentation Layers

Our team is highly skilled in designing and creating intuitive, usable and engaging applications that are fully consistent with the functional presentation and visual aspects across the widest range of iOS devices.

  • OpenGL ES
  • UIKit
  • HTML + CSS

Tools And Services

The following tools are utilized to expedite the processes and ensure far better control over each segment of the engineering development stage.

  • InkScape
  • Tiled
  • TexturePacker
  • iOS Simulator

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