Client Profile

Scott Wandzilak, currently working in the Athletic Department at USC, serving as the Director of Major Gifts approached us with the aim of bringing his innovative idea to a reality. The idea was to develop a fun photo based Jigsaw puzzle game for iOS devices.

Technology Used

  • Language : Objective C
  • Database : MySQL
  • IDE : X-Code
  • Framework : Cake PHP

Project Summary

The scope of the project involves the design and development of a Jigsaw fun puzzle game wherein the users can upload an image, add effects, resize matrix to scramble the image, add caption and send this “Jig” to their friends. The friends will then solve the Jig to earn points and receive a ranking based on those points.

In case any user is not willing to solve the Jig, they can pay via in-app to reveal the exact picture. The application also allows sharing of photos and videos on social networks such as Facebook & Twitter.

Industry Specifics

Online gaming industry is on the top of the charts in this present era of technology and by 2017, it will grow to a whooping $82 billion industry.

With the hectic lives and busy schedules, these online games act as source of revitalization for the people of all ages. Amongst all the games, puzzles are ideal for players of all ages since they can keep the mind sharp and can be played for any level of difficulty. Some of the most popular are word, number and jigsaw puzzles. A favourite type of game of this genre is the jigsaw puzzle.

Implementation Strategy

Jigit was an innovative idea and to bring it into reality our main focus was on the user interface of the app. Hence, Jigit was designed in a way so as to make it very user friendly, engaging and eye pleasing to the users of all ages.

The application also has integration with Twilio API for SMS feature wherein the user gets a notification if any other contact in their Phonebook uses Jigit. The app also has in-app purchase integration.


With this project we have gained experience of working with core images and number of other image processing techniques. The knowledge and the work experience with this project will help us work on various other applications that involve image processing, image manipulation, adding effects and filters, cropping and other attributes for our partners across the globe.

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