Patch Trail App

Client Profile

Turratech is a Sydney based company that commercialises cutting-edge mobile solutions. Our Client, Brad Wenman, Technical Manager at ICT also associated with Turratech approached us with an aim of getting a real estate based iPhone application for people living in Australia.

Technology Used

  • Language : Objective C
  • Database : MySQL
  • IDE : X-Code
  • Framework : Cake PHP

Project Services

The project aims at designing and developing property listings mobile app for the users in Australia. The app allows the agents to login via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn and post their properties with its description, image, video, price details and location.

The agents can add/edit/delete and manage their own properties. They can create their own profiles; view the location of the property and other nearby POI’s on map and post comment on properties.

The customers can use the app without logging in and look for properties. They can then communicate with agent for further proceedings. The agents can also share listings via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Industry Specifics

The globalization of business and increasingly well-informed consumers has propelled real estate developers to come up with new ideas. The real estate industry is possibly one of the most tech savvy when it comes to using new technology and new forms of media to market, advertise and sell products.

This has provided real estate professionals with numerous tools to aid their business in marketing, selling, tracking and managing existing clients prospects. One of the main and most useful tools in this industry has been the mobile phone, more specifically, the smartphones. These devices have changed the landscape of buying and selling properties. More importantly, they have become necessities for real estate professionals looking to market their services as effectively as possible.

Implementation Strategy

The best aspect of Patch Trail app was its clean and uncluttered user interface. For this application we used the Google Maps iOS SDK to drive the mapping engine and services. The client required accurate and detailed information about properties and with Google Maps this was achieved.

The nearby POI’s in different categories such as Schools, restaurants etc where fetched using Google Maps API. To perform concurrent operations, an advanced feature of Objective-C (Blocks) was used in this application.


With this application we have gained the experience in using pure Objective-C oriented strategy so that further extensions and new features can be implemented with ease. Careful consideration was given to memory management for this application so that even if the app is used on a low memory device it can perform smoothly.

The codes are well structured and commented with proper validations of the fields and the best features of Objective C have been implemented to attain premium quality and client’s satisfaction.

The overall experience with this project helps us to deliver high quality, user-friendly apps to our clients across the globe.

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