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Client Profile

Tao Wang, Marketing Director, Say More - Language Education Company based in Canada, approached us with a concept to create an app that would help the Chinese people learn English. The vision for this app is based on Tao Wang’s personal experience and journey.

Technology Used

  • Language : Objective C
  • Database : MySQL
  • IDE : X-Code
  • Framework : Cake PHP
  • Tags :

Project Services

The project aims at designing and developing an e-learning mobile app for the Chinese users to learn English language. With this app the Chinese users can purchase online sessions. They can find an appropriate partner and practice English by following the exemplified dialogue. The app also gives the user the choice to add these partners to their Friend’s list for future practice sessions.

The users can also organize a group and schedule a voice call with the Teacher in the real time to study the session purchased.

Industry Specifics

In this day and age, Mobile Learning is fast becoming a buzzword similar to e-learning. With emerging technologies and trends a lot of organizations and institutions have ported e-learning experiences to be now mobile specific. This helps in quick learning, easy-of-use and maintenance, easily accessibility and above all it have proven to be a cost effective solution.

Implementation Strategy

The application was designed with the aim to provide a platform for the Chinese users to learn English. To implement the real time voice call feature we integrated Synch API with the app. For the users to purchase the online sessions we have integrated Alipay payment API which is China’s leading third party online payment solutions.


With this application we have gained the experience of using a VOIP tool to make calls within the app in real time. This tool can be built inside any application to users of that app to connect via a VOIP based audio call.

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