Tracking Genie

Client Profile

Tracking Genie is the fastest growing Vehicle tracking provider in India. The process began with the concept of developing an innovative Vehicle tracking software application. For this project we executed everything from server side application to collect data from hardware devices to customer facing web and mobile applications. Tracking Genie is a complete package that serves as a platform for the customers to safeguard their vehicles from theft and other misuse or damage.

Technology Used

  • Language : PHP, C#.NET
  • Database : MySQL, MS-SQL Server 2012
  • Third party tools : Google Maps , CC Avenue Payments, Bulk email and bulk SMS services

Project Services

Tracking Genie is a web based GPS Vehicle Tracking Software which helps the user to track and manage their vehicle or fleet of vehicles from any remote corner of globe. Apart from live vehicle tracking, user can monitor speed, fuel, sudden acceleration / braking and un-scheduled halts of the vehicle.

It also provides the ability to remotely shutdown and start the vehicle ignition using web and mobile application. Comprehending the importance of security and safety, Tracking Genie has a feature called SOS which when pressed by vehicle driver triggers an alarm for the vehicle owner to be instantly notified. Its user friendly web & mobile application allows the customer to check the complete vehicle tracking history of their vehicle/vehicles in a single account.

Tracking genie also provides the facility of SMS and e-mail alerts on violation of the following:

  • Speed limits
  • Excessive Halt
  • Geo Fencing violation
  • Route Deviation
  • Harsh Break or Acceleration

Tracking Genie application is also capable of handling additional accessories that can be fitted with the device like camera, smart card, microphone and many more. The application allows the users to access a wide variety of reports like speed, history, vehicle tracking, log report, fuel consumption and a lot more.

In a nutshell, Tracking Genie is a comprehensive solution to monitor your Vehicle remotely. Tracking Genie’s interactive map view allows the vehicle owner to get a clear picture about their vehicle's usage.

Industry Specifics

Vehicle tracking systems today offer great innovation in form of increased efficiency, safety and security for your vehicle. Many businesses across a variety of sectors use vehicle tracking systems to improve operations for the company, time management and achieve increase in performances. In addition to it, these systems play a vital role in asset monitoring by protecting them against theft and tracking in the real time using the latest GPS technology and high quality asset tracking devices.

Implementation Strategy

Tracking Genie was designed and developed with the aim to provide a platform where the users can safeguard their vehicles from theft and asset misuse. While developing this massive solution, the major challenge that we came across was the “Protocol implementation”. After the hardware is installed in the device, it provides information in encrypted format to the system which is then decrypted to trace the location of the vehicle.

“Live Tracking” was another key attribute of this software. In this, real time movement of a vehicle is shown on Google maps.

The software has a robust database structure that handles the data of thousands of vehicles simultaneously.


Development of Tracking Genie was an extremely exciting experience. Having a foresighted vision and with keen interest in GPS and GIS technologies, we worked on this project using effective and complex queries with a user-friendly interface. One of the unique features of this application was to provide its customers with real time vehicle tracking. Tracking Genie has received high customer satisfaction because of its user friendly application and we are proud and thankful to have had an opportunity to exhibit our implementation capabilities.

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